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Small-footprint sit-stand desk

Whisper Quiet Motor

Quick & quiet, with built in anti-collision sensitivity.

Space-Efficient Design

Designed to save space by easily fitting in any corner of your home.

Universal Fit

Superior height range that is 33% better than other models.

Anti-Tip Base

Upgraded for superior stability at all heights, even on casters.

Wellness Software

Included free with every LifeDesk. Reminds you to transition between sitting & standing.

High-Quality Desktops

Contemporary fan shape, sleek materials and ergonomic design for optimal comfort.

Ergonomic Excellence

Selected as the preferred work-from-home solution by a Silicon Valley tech giant.

Superior Health & Safety

Designed to reduce backaches and increase physical & mental energy.

Perfect height for every employee

Enhance employee
health & productivity

Built-in technology to facilitate
frequent desk transition

Work from Home

Small footprint
sit-stand solutions


Solutions for any
shape/size worksurface


I got the compact sit-stand workstation, and it has done wonders for me. I'm so impressed.

Tony A on May 30, 2020

Ergonomic Workstations for Remote Workers and Students

Whether you have have been part of the remote-office trend or have suddenly found yourself working from home, we want to help create healthy workspaces no matter where you work from.

We are offering a limited number of “Work From Home” packages at deep discounts to help ensure remote workers (and students) are comfortable and productive in their home office or workspace through proper sitting and standing postures and frequent movement.


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