Warranty Policy

If service/installation was purchased upon the original delivery, Summit offers a maximum 1 year labor warranty, unless otherwise noted (this period may not exceed any manufacturer(s) product warranty). If service/installation is waived and items sent direct from the manufacturer to customer, there is no labor warranty; however all manufacturer warranties apply. If no service/installation was purchased upon the original delivery or the labor warranty has expired, we will offer a choice of having the product warranty item(s) sent to you direct from the manufacturer or we can continue to provide labor to replace product warranty item(s) at our standard service rate. Summit will provide written copies of manufacturers' warranties upon request.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide proof of purchase, model #, sales order #, serial # and any other required information to process a warranty claim. In addition, it may be necessary to return defective product(s) to the manufacturer. Most computer software, hardware and peripheral device manufacturers require that their technical support staff directly address any warranty issues. Summit's customers are bound to the manufacturers' warranty procedures, up to and including the replacement or refurbishing of malfunctioning or damaged equipment.

It should be stressed that warranties are issued by and honored by each individual manufacturer and not by the reseller, Summit. (Summit is not responsible for any incompatibility issues for computer software, hardware or peripheral devices (including, but not limited to, keyboards, number pads, mice and trackballs). We ask that an authorized representative of your company install all such products. If a Summit representative does provide installation, we will not be held responsible for any damage or problems as a result.