LifeDesk 2-80 Electric Height Adjustable Base

LifeDesk 2-80 Electric Height Adjustable Base

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Two-Leg Electric Base, The LD2-80 (Black, Silver or White)

LifeDesk is designed to fit under your existing worksurface to save you money and preserve the look and feel of your office design & decor.

The LifeDesk LD2-80 utilizes the same form and function as the more expensive LD2-98, but its height range of 26.5” to 49” provides proper ergonomic positioning suitable for 80% of the population. It's a great value when stature extremes aren't prevalent within the workforce. Many customers in fact mix and match the LD2-80 and LD2-98 models to maximize budgets but accommodate as necessary.

The LD2-80 is width-adjustable too, from 30” wide (with short brackets added) to 96” wide to accommodate any worksurface you have. Check out to see how the LD2 can be adapted to almost any worksurface geometry you have.

With a weight Capacity of 350 lbs., the LD2-80 is the strongest on the market too.

Each LifeDesk now comes standard with a Bluetooth sensor and the SmartLegs companion app to help educate and facilitate proper usage to maximize the health benefits for you and your employees. Usage metrics can help organizations make deployment decisions and identify a tangible Return on Investment.

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