LifeDesk 2 Leg Electric Height Adjustable Base - Standard Range

LifeDesk 2 Leg Electric Height Adjustable Base - Standard Range

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Two-Leg Electric Height-Adjustable Base for Your Existing Worksurface

  • Electric motor driven 2 segment leg with an ultra-sturdy low profile base.
  • Programmable 4 setting handswitch for easy adjustment.
  • Top Optional
  • Weight Capacity is 350 lbs.
  • Height Range is 25.5” to 46.5”.
  • Suitable for use by those between 5'6" - 6'4" tall for proper sitting and standing ergonomics.

Seven-year Product Warranty. 
We've never had a LifeDesk product returned. Ever.

Its height range of 25.5” to 46.5” provides proper ergonomic positioning suitable for 75% of the population. It's a great value if you are between 5'6" and 6'4"

The LifeDesk frame is width-adjustable, from 43” wide to 96” wide to accommodate any worksurface you may already have. Optional short brackets can be ordered to accommodate worksurfaces shorter than 43"

With a weight capacity of 350 lbs., SmartLegs is the strongest on the market too.

Patented "Wellness While You Work" technology, powered by LifeDesk and StanData, can remind users to transition often between sitting and standing, ensuring proper posture with ergonomically-correct settings for both positions. Minimize the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues from a poor fitting work-at-home setup and maximize the health & wellness benefits an electric sit-stand can offer.

Work healthier & stay connected
Each workstation comes standard with a Bluetooth sensor and the free StanData companion app (runs in iOS, Android or Chrome) to help educate and facilitate proper usage to maximize the health benefits for you and your employees.

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