StanData Pilot Program for Electric Sit-Stand (non LifeDesk) - (10 PK)

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Are your electric sit-stands not being used to their full capacity ?  Ten bases of your existing sit-stands can be converted to powerful smart devices powered by StanData's IoT technology, capable of producing dynamic results for your organization.

StanData sensors and Smartphone App provide guidance for proper ergonomic positioning and transition reminders to get the most benefit from your current sit-stand Desk. Usage rates, productivity, health & wellbeing metrics are made available thru the companion enterprise software. Group gamification capability helps encourage usage and foster long term behavior change.

Package includes:

Qty 10 Controller Box Upgrades for your Existing SitStand

Qty 10 Smartphone App Licenses (Apple or Android)

Qty 10 Handset Switch Upgrades

Qty 10 Bluetooth Sensors

Enterprise Software Package (90 day License)

Ergonomic and Integration Consultation

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