Will Remote Work Become the New Normal?

The Progression and History of Remote Work Remote work is no new invention. It has been around since the 1970s. Now considered the father of remote work, NASA consultant Jack Nilles first worked remotely on a communication system in 1973, almost 50 years ago. By 1987, 1.5 million...

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Welcome to the New Normal – Say Hello to “The Hybrid Worker”

During the October 2020 CEO of the Year awarded by Chief Executive Magazine, Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer stated – “We’ve had a glimpse of the future these last 8 months and it has sort of given us a view of what 2025 might have looked like....

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Expert Interview: Getting Ergonomics Right for your Remote Workers David Bernardi, President of Summit Ergonomics

HW: Welcome David, Let’s get right into it; What are the 3 most common issues you are seeing with the current surge in Remote Work? DB: Thanks for having me Heidi. I would say number one has got to be the use of laptops. While they are a...

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4 Tips to Reduce Company Liability and Ensure Your Remote Workforce is Working Safely

Did You Know?   According to Hartford Insurance, every employees’ home office space is viewed no differently than office buildings or storefronts by worker’s compensation carriers. And, as such, the employer is likely responsible for any injuries that occur within the premises. This begs the question of how...

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