How Sitting Affects Your Hip Flexors and Your Health

Hip flexors play a much larger part in the body's overall health and function than they get credit for. They play a crucial role in necessary, everyday activities. Every time you walk, go up the  stairs or lift your legs in any way, your hip flexors have to...

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4 Tips to Reduce Company Liability and Ensure Your Remote Workforce is Working Safely

Did You Know?   According to Hartford Insurance, every employees’ home office space is viewed no differently than office buildings or storefronts by worker’s compensation carriers. And, as such, the employer is likely responsible for any injuries that occur within the premises. This begs the question of how...

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Is My Home Office Hurting Me? Tips for Improving Your Ergonomic Home Office

Most working Americans spend a majority of their waking hours sitting at their desk. A typical work week for many people looks like sitting in an office for eight hours a day, five days a week. Spending this much time sitting can cause pain and even chronic health...

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Employers ARE Responsible for Employee’s Home Office Setups: 4 Cost Effective Tips to Manage Them Proactively

Technically, employers are not required to provide any equipment for their employees’ home offices. However, SHRM states that should an injury occur to that employee within their home office, they are covered under your worker’s compensation insurance, which will cost you money in the long run. It has...

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