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We think these products represent the best value in true ergonomics. They provide the maximum ergonomic benefit and versatility for superior comfort and productivity. Most of the products you see on this site are in inventory and will ship within 1-2 days. Depending on location, transit time will be 1 to 5 days. 

LifeDesk Spring into Summer Special

Starting at $295
Take advantage of our overstock to purchase the SmartLegs 2 by Lifedesk Electric Sit-Stand base for $200 off ! This is the same exact desk that elsewhere on the site sells for $490.

With summer just around the corner, use the LifeDesk to transition yourself back into shape. Too much sitting can cause your leg muscles to atrophy, so active sit-stand usage is a great way to tone up and strengthen the muscles you'll need for all of your summer activities.

ADDED BONUS - for a limited time, for an additional $135, you get a 48x30 solid bamboo top, freight included ! But because of these special savings, coupon codes won't apply for the desk. But you can use the coupon on any accessories you may wish to get.
Small Footprint Sit-Stand Workstation
Frame only - $292.50
Complete Desks
starting at under $400 using your Google coupon code at checkout 

Small Footprint Sit-Stand Desk

New & Improved Design!

The LifeDesk SmartLegs1 WFH unit has been redesigned to incorporate your user feedback! With a new and improved top mounting frame the WFH unit can now accommodate larger and deeper worksurfaces, up to 48x30. Opt for a larger top if you need more space or are using multiple monitors. Get the smaller option if you have space limitations or are just using your laptop. Or you can always just buy the base if you already have a top on hand. 

And now Shipping is already included in the price!
LifeDesk: A Smart Solution Each LifeDesk comes with patented "Wellness While You Work" technology, powered by StanData. The free sensor and app can remind users to transition often between sitting and standing, ensuring proper posture with ergonomically-correct settings for both positions. Minimize the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues from a poor fitting work-at-home setup and maximize the health & wellness benefits an electric sit-stand can offer.
The Small Footprint Sit-Stand Mobile Workstation is a perfect fit in my newly established home office, and helps mimic my work office experience during this work from home period. The communications from Summit Ergonomics were clear from "order received" to "shipping notice" to "desk delivered." The pieces were well packaged, and the installation instructions were simple and easy to follow. I am impressed by their customer service and prompt delivery!

Complete desks

Starting under $400 
with coupon, includes shipping
Starting at $675
 with coupon, includes shipping
Available in Black, Silver or White
Starting at $585
with coupon, includes shipping
Available in Black, Silver or White

SmartLegs Bases

$531 with coupon, includes shipping
Available in Black, Silver or White
$441 with coupon, includes shipping 
Available in Black, Silver or White
$292.50 with coupon, includes shipping 
Available in Black or Silver




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$599.00 $499.00
$606.00 $429.00
$93.00 $79.00

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"My new sit-stand desk has been a great experience. It's solidly built and feels very stable even at the leg's full height extension. The leg action is smooth enough to adjust the height without fear of your beverage spilling. I'd recommend LifeDesk to anyone looking for office workstations. The team behind it is very responsive and interested in solving your unique situation. Five stars!"
The LifeDesk product line comes with a 7 year warranty so you can feel confident you'll be protected in your purchase. Ergonomic seating products have a minimum 10 year warranty depending on manufacturer. Please feel free to contact the team if you have any questions: customerservice@summitergo.com